GBL Signs Guelph
GBL Sign Service
10 Kingsmill Avenue
Guelph, ON, N1E 5V9

Sign Installation

GBL provides best-practice and professionally licensed staff to ensure your sign is installed to your satisfaction.


Sign Maintenance

Our qualified operators can handle any sign repair for any type or size. Contact us today about emrgency service repairs.


Sign Replacement / Removal

GBL replaces existing signs to reflect your business image. We can replace or remove the sign to ensure you get the look you're going for.


A Broken Sign is a Lost Opportunity

a) Signs break, fall down, or no longer light up.
It's a fact of life, and at GBL we offer ongoing repair services to ensure your sign lights the way for your clients.

b) GBL has your back
GBL is out and about every day. It's not uncommon for our clients to receive calls about a sign that is down during our travels. Our proactive approach means that your sign is lit when it needs to be.

c) Innovation and Expert advice
We know the look you're going for. Whether it's switching from traditional sign bulbs to LEDs to save you money, GBL has a plan to keep your signs lit to save you money.

d) Experience makes all the difference
With more than 12 years of industry experience, the staff at GBL Sign Service understands what you need - even when you don't. We have the resources and experience to get it right for you - the first time.