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Guelph, ON, N1E 5V9

Our Clients Trust Us

You hire us to do the right job, in the right way

It doesn't matter if the job is small, or big. There are standards in the Sign Installation industry that GBL adheres to, to ensure the job is done right. Why not contact us to find out how GBL differes from all the others?

Why GBL Sign Service & Installation?

1) Your business illumination is our specialty.

Your business illumination is our specialty. With technology that focuses on illumination, and energy savings. Click here to read about LEDs!

2) Testimonial from Mike the Mover

" We were very impressed with the level of knowledge the team had to ensure the signs would be installed properly and work for many years to come.. Highly recommended and will be using there services again. "

Nick Anastasakos - President, Mike the Mover

3) Big enough for the large jobs, small enough to remain in touch.

With over 12 years of experience in the Sign trade, GBL works closely with their clients through every step of the installation to ensure you are completely satisfied.

4) GBL Signs is fully qualified, licensed, and experienced.

Our staff has the experience, training, experience and dedication to get the job done right. Our extensive network ensures that we can meet the demands of your company to ensure your job get done right - and on time.

Meet the folks at GBL Sign Service & Installation

 “We want to be big enough to service every ones needs but want to stay small enough to be able to stay in touch with our clients.” - Gerry Howes, Owner